Kiss Anxiety Goodbye

Learn to calm your nerves on demand in this FREE LIVE EFT Tapping Workshop on Saturday 11/11 at 2PM EST.

Kiss Anxiety Goodbye

Learn to calm your nerves on demand in this FREE LIVE EFT Tapping Workshop on Thursday 10/12 at 2PM EST.

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About Me

Hey! I’m Ellina.

I didn’t consider myself a creative person and when I saw people chasing their dreams, I deeply believed that was not meant for me.

My entire world revolved around climbing up a hierarchy, finding my other half, and keeping up with appearances. And I was repelling it all. 🙃

Finally after a mediocre work review, failing my masters dissertation, and finding myself in another anxiety filled relationship I had ENOUGH.

I decided I don’t want average. I don’t want normal. I want a creative life.

That was my first experience of surrender. I let go of expectations and shut out the noise. I leaned in to what comes naturally to me. And for the first time in my life, I started creating from the heart.

Life changes. Goals change. But the essence of a creative life always remains the same.

Curiosity vs. fear
Opportunities vs. obstacles
Happening for me vs. to me
Territory vs. hierarchy
Flow vs. force
I’ll figure it out vs. I don’t know how
Inner guidance vs. outside opinions
Realizing everything is art
Work that feels like play
A vision that pulls you
Inner peace above all

Aside from my personal experience, I have my Masters in Science in Organizational Psychology from the University of London, Coaching Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and EFT Tapping Certification from the Priority Academy.

There’s nothing I love more than guiding others through the transformative technique of EFT Tapping.

We tap together for motivation, consistency, and the inspiration that comes from a supportive community.

You were never meant to do it alone.

Join us today!

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Hey there! I’m Ellina…


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The Community

100+ Transformed Lives

Ellina propelled me into so much change that I didn’t even know was coming. With her encouragement and ability to listen, she held space for me and allowed me to answer questions within myself. She shifted my energetic state towards more confidence. Worth every moment, every penny, and every breakthrough.

I had these dreams, but before we started working together they were just that… dreams! 5 months after my final session I not only changed my career field, but started my own photography business and signed a contract to one of the biggest photography company’s in the state (the dream!). Ellina’s guidance, knowledge and support truly was the key which provided me with the resources & tools to put those limiting beliefs to rest & pursue my dreams with confidence.

I came to Ellina during one of the most uncertain times of my life when I lacked some direction. I mentioned to her that I wanted to travel for work and fast forward 2 years later I’m writing this while on one of my work trips.

It’s hard to put into words what the experience of having her as a coach was like. She just opened a door and gave me a little nudge so I could go through it and realize all the opportunities that lied on the other side.

While working with Ellina weekly I had a few drastic positive changes in my life that have stuck. One of which has been my outlook on certain scenarios I would have previously looked at as negative. Another has been my ability to control my emotions in specific situations that would have previously set me off. I was also struggling with making actions behind my thoughts, my brain was clouded with so many ideas it was almost paralyzing. Ellinas coaching helped me slow down, so I could speed up. I stopped having problems and started having solutions.

Having Ellina as my coach has given me so much clarity. She has provided me a clear path to navigate many aspects of my life journey. She has coached me through life changes, personal growth, and business growth. When doubts arise, she is there. When there are wins to celebrate, she is there. Ellina is truly a remarkable human, highly recommend.

Coaching with Elina was exactly what I needed to get me out of a very painful comfort zone. She grounded me in steps that seemed too daunting to do alone, gently guided me to claim my territory, and gave me logical steps into opening my vocal coaching business. Half way through working with her, I had myself officially branded with a coaching business and a full roster!!! She blends the energetic work and step by step work beautifully and offers loving feedback through out the process. I highly recommend conscious life design.

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