An action-focused science-backed private coaching program that supports purpose-driven creatives and entrepreneurs as they build their legacies.

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Why You're Ready for Momentum

Feeling stuck in a painful comfort zone? You know you’re capable of more. It’s time to push those boundaries! You’ve grown, and that’s amazing. You don’t need more information, you need momentum.

Most people don’t give up because they don’t know what to do. They give up because of self-doubt, inconsistent action, and lack of structure.

Creatives face a special set of challenges like: imposter syndrome, shiny object syndrome, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burn out, loneliness, and self-doubt. Creating from the heart is vulnerable and it’s hard, but it’s SO worth it to connect to your purpose and create a life worth living.

Momentum is for those who refuse to settle for ordinary. It’s for purpose-driven creatives like you, ready to build a life and business that reflects your passions, values, and unique gifts.

Whether you are an aspiring creative or entrepreneur with an idea, but you’re nervous to take the first step, or you’re already creating and you’re ready for your next level of growth, momentum will propel you forward.

"I came to Ellina during one of the most uncertain times of my life when I lacked some direction. I mentioned to her that I wanted to travel for work and fast forward 2 years later I’m writing this while on one of my work trips. It’s hard to put into words what the experience of having her as a coach was like. She just opened a door and gave me a little nudge so I could go through it and realize all the opportunities that lied on the other side."
Founder Rob Cast Visuals
"Having Ellina as my coach has given me so much clarity. She has provided me a clear path to navigate many aspects of my life journey. She has coached me through life changes, personal growth, and business growth. When doubts arise, she is there. When there are wins to celebrate, she is there. Ellina is truly a remarkable human, highly recommend."
Founder Third Eye Media Co


  • You have your next idea, you may even know the next step, but you’re stuck putting your passion into action.
  • You have done all the necessary courses and certifications, but still find yourself questioning your abilities or feeling like you’re not good enough.
  • You get excited, but you don’t stay focused long enough to see results.
  • You have worked on yourself and have great self-awareness, but you’re missing the real-life application.
  • You are committed to your purpose, and you just realized you don’t have to do it alone.

Momentum fills in the gaps with...


Move beyond hazy ideas and create a crystal-clear, soul-stirring vision. Craft your vision so vividly that it becomes the guiding force propelling you forward.


Experience a safe space to step into the next phase of your creative evolution.


Stay focused on what truly matters. We'll work together to develop actionable steps that move the needle on your creative goals.


Generate the energy you need to take inspired action. Overcome inertia and propel your creative journey.


This is more than goal setting, it's about becoming a new version of yourself. Your new life will cost you your old one.

We live in a golden age for creators. Sharing your art and even profiting from it has never been more accessible. But there's a flip side.

The constant pressure to produce and succeed can be overwhelming. It can lead to anxiety, burnout, and even make you question your creativity and self-worth. Do you ever worry your creativity will dry up?  Doubt creeps in – are you on the right path? Do you deserve to succeed? These anxieties can trigger fight-or-flight mode.

"You won’t regret working with Ellina. It has truly been a transformative experience. Ellina helped me consciously design my life path and kept me accountable for it during our time. I have a better perspective on the bigger picture and the small steps I need to take to get there. I have never felt so clear, so brave, and so ready to live.”
Designer & Artist
"I had these dreams, but before we started working together they were just that... dreams! 5 months after my first session I not only changed my career field, but started my own photography business and signed a contract to one of the biggest photography company's in the state (the dream!). Ellina's guidance, knowledge and support truly was the key which provided me with the resources & tools to put those limiting beliefs to rest & pursue my dreams with confidence."
"While working with Ellina weekly I had a few drastic positive changes in my life that have stuck. One of which has been my outlook on certain scenarios I would have previously looked at as negative. Another has been my ability to control my emotions in specific situations that would have previously set me off. I was also struggling with making actions behind my thoughts, my brain was clouded with so many ideas it was almost paralyzing. Ellinas coaching helped me slow down, so I could speed up. I stopped having problems and started having solutions."
CEO Oppenheim Realty

My Approach

Human potential has always fascinated me, that’s why I dove deep with a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Coaching Certification, and EFT Tapping practice. But qualifications aside I just LOVE creatives. The world needs your brilliance, so my heart is all in on empowering you to breakthrough your barriers and bring your vision to life. 

Empowerment vs. Fixing

You've already done a lot of healing, now it's time to believe in your innate power and move forward.

Science Backed

A well-rounded evidence-backed approach including EFT (Emotional Freedom Teqhnique), Neuroplasticity, and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Action Focused

Generate momentum, get organized, and achieve your goals with real support and accountability.

Client Spotlight

Learn how others pursued their passions with Momentum.




Custom-tailored private sessions with audio recordings and detailed AI-generated notes including transcripts and key takeaways for future reference.


We'll develop specific, actionable steps to move you forward after each session, keeping you focused and accountable.


Lifetime access to the Conscious Life Design Studio, a premium global community offering exclusive resources, ongoing support, and a network of like-minded individuals.

"Since working with Ellina I've made so much progress - my wife and friends have commented on the change in my approach - not as scared as I was before in taking risks. I think what stands out for me is 1) her passion for what she does and life in general - it's infectious 2) she's really smart, she uses frameworks and literature really well to compliment her courses 3) she tailors to the individual - I felt she was 100% engaged when she was with me."
Executive in Climate and Sustainability, House Music DJ


All payments must be made in full prior to the first session and are nonrefundable. Serious inquiries only.


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